What exactly is the 2600 Club?

Here you can earn collectible trading cards in exchange for your amazing Atari 2600 scores! New games and cards are available to you every month!

The Inspiration for the 2600 Club:

Did you miss out on the collectable Activision Patches back in the day? This is our inspiration! You submit scores and earn trading cards similar to what Activision did

How does the 2600 Club work? How do I get my trading card?

Click the Submit Score link and enter your information. Select the game you’re submitting for (there is a drop-down showing you which games we’re accepting scores on, and the achievement you need to earn that collectors card.) You’ll also need to include a photograph of your achievement (no desktop screenshots!). We will only recognize your achievement to earn a card once, but you can submit higher and higher scores for the same game to be recognized in the leaderboards. You will be permitted to receive one card on only one game with a referral, however, to earn cards for multiple games you must be a member of the Patreon (go here for details: https://patreon.com/atari2600).

Are there any other rules or things I need to know?

Yes! Please read the terms of service for complete details!